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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  September 1, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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this man, efren valdemoro, killed by police last night following a high-speed chase across the east bay. valdemoro was shot by the chp after he refused to put down a large knife. inside his car, officers found the body of his girlfriend. valdemoro's alleged crime spree spans the east bay, his deadly confrontation with chp happened last night in richmond. he is also suspected in the deaths of two women whose bodies were found in a home in vallejo. he is also wanted in the death of an elderly man in hercules. as we told you a few minutes ago, the son of that elderly man is missing. even police admit it is all very confusing and, of course, disturbing. >> we begin with some grisly new details about one of the crime scenes where two women were found murdered. joe vazquez begins our coverage from vallejo. >> reporter: these detectives at vallejo pd have seen it all but say this is like a scene
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from the silence of the lambs. they opened the house where the women's badly decomposing bodies had been for a week. they said there was blood everywhere and flies came shooting out of the house. at the center of the investigation is efren valdemoro shot to death and his girlfriend cindy tran. she was kidnapped from the parking lot where she worked in vallejo. she was strangled before it all went down last night. according to documents she lived with efren valdemoro in this vallejo apartment complex until a few months ago when both were evicted. neighbors say valdemoro often acted strangely but most didn't notice major problems. >> it's really gory. what i knew of him, i would never have thought that. it really comes as a surprise. >> reporter: the two split up. cindy tran moved to hercules, while valdemoro rented a room on upland court with segundia allen
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charles rittenhouse. they were a married couple. neighbors say valdemoro was increasingly in the center of loud arguments in the front yard. >> it would be just fights and then always be a cop here every day. >> reporter: last week, segundia allen as well as her friend marcia smart were missing. police named valdemoro as i a suspect in their disappearance. now it turns out both missing women were murdered. police discovered their bodies yesterday morning when they went to talk to mr. rittenhouse about his missing wife. when he opened his door, the stench was overpowering according to investigators who believe he had been living inside the house for about a week with the women's decomposing corpses. rittenhouse is now under arrest. police station are not sure the extent of his involvement. the entire episode came to a deadly conclusion last night. the high-speed chase started at police say valdemoro kidnapped tran who was by now his estranged ex-girlfriend from a shopping center. she called 911 and led police to valdemoro. the chase proceeded through
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pleasant hill and on to richmond where valdemoro ended up getting shot by chp. chp says he reached for a big knife and threatened officers. >> the suspect was advised to drop the weapon multiple times in which he didn't comply. the officers were in fear for their lives and shot the suspect, who was killed. >> reporter: i mentioned that apartment complex in vallejo where valdemoro lives until he was evicted recently. according to the apartment management, he and his girlfriend never had any problems there, never really had any fights. but they say that he often drove a cadillac that also seems to be at the center of all this. police have been looking over a caddy they found today. that cadillac belonged to segundia allen, one of female victims found in her house here in vallejo today. and allen, strangely enough, apartment manage there are tells me that segundia allen would show up at the apartment every now and then looking for
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her cadillac, apparently she says that valdemoro would occasionally steal it just take it for a ride and bring it back. >> joe, back to the house for a second. no apparent reason why rittenhouse stayed in the house, didn't report the two dead women? >> reporter: right, that's key to the investigation. that's why he is arrested. he was there a week. he must have smelled or seen something. it's all over the place. they are not sure he is the murderer. for that matter he is alive so his alibi will likely be taken more seriously at this point. >> all right. joe vazquez in vallejo, thank you. now, the reason i asked that is perhaps the only person who can provide some clues is in custody. he is 72 years old charles rittenhouse who owns the house where his wife and friend were found death. now they say he was not arrested because of the two dead bodies in his house. it's a suspicion of explosives possession why they arrested him. authorities say they found massive amounts of explosives
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at the home from c4 to dynamite and even more in a storage facility. a little over an hour ago, investigators revealed he is a chemical engineer and those chemicals are related to his line of work. detectives however are still questioning him. right now police are searching an area in hercules for the missing man. sherry hu has that part of the story and new information we learned about the missing man. sherry. >> reporter: the command post for this search and rescue is just down the road behind me. we are going live to chopper 5 for an aerial view of the tents and cars set up at this hour. we don't know how long the searchers will be here and working tonight but investigators need to find what they consider the final piece of the puzzle, the whereabouts of 35-year-old frederick sales who cbs 5 learned works at an assisted living center for seniors in walnut creek.
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reporter: hours into the search, something of interest was discovered in an area just behind the missing cadillac escalade. hercules police say murder suspect efren valdemoro was last seen driving the car. it had been missing until this morning, when it was found parked in the back of an office building in an industrial park neighborhood near the bay. still missing is frederick sales, the murder of his 73- year-old father ricardo the starting point of the bizarre crime spree. police say the elderly sales was found bludgeoned to death in this home on crepe myrtle drive, a hope owned by valdemoro's girlfriend and where he spent time. >> the dispute on august 22nd that involved the victim, the victim's son and the suspect. the dispute was possibly over a concern by the suspect that there may have been something going on between cindy and either the father or the son. [ knocking ] >> reporter: cbs 5 learned through county property records
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that the now dead girlfriend cindy tran is also connected to other homes in hercules and vallejo. investigators still aren't clear what relationship existed among all these people outside of being landlord and tenants. so again here is chopper 5 with live look now of the search and rescue going on. we don't know how long the searchers will be out tonight. i can tell you that i have been told that valdemoro has worked as a security guard. cbs 5 found out his license wasn't renewed as of a year ago in september of 2009. i was also told he has an unrelated criminal record for a minor incident. now, dana, we are also finding out that cindy tran worked at devon's salon and spa and that's on robles way in vallejo. we are just not clear yet, though, on what her role or what her job was at the salon. >> so many dead. sherry hu, thank you. well, fire crews this afternoon quickly contained a grassfire at american canyon. fire broke out just after 3:00
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p.m. near via montelfino. chopper 5 can show you how quickly flames were racing up the dry hill side. the fire burned close to homes there. however, no structures were damaged. more than 100 firefighters were called to the scene along with cal fire choppers. fire burned about 30 acres before it was put out. the condition of the fremont police officer who was shot in oakland last week has improved. officer todd young's condition has been upgraded to serious but stable. pretty good news for people who turned out for a blood drive at young's high school alma mater. len ramirez at santa clara high. len. reporter: none of the students in the room knew officer todd young of the fremont pd but knew he was from santa clara and that was all it took to get them to roll up their sleeves and give blood to help save his life. >> it's because he was from the
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community it's for a good cause. >> reporter: it was at officer young's alma mater, a 1989 graduate. his ties to the community run deeper than that. >> officer young hit the grand slam with santa clara. he is a graduate from santa clara high school, he is a dad of two of our students, his mom worked in the school district. and he is a police officer. >> reporter: not to mention his mother is a long-time and beloved school secretary in the district. >> i'm here because the santa clara family takes care of its own. >> reporter: officer young was shot twice and critically injured last week in oakland by a gang suspect who was captured after making a run for the mexican border. young has had three surgeries and used up more than 100 units of blood. >> it heightens the need that we have for blood donors on a constant basis. >> reporter: the principal gave children time off from class to donate.
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over 100 people joined the evident including district staff members and fellow officers in this urgent effort to spare a life. >> i know as police officers it's part of our job to have situations that come up like this. i'm happy we didn't lose officer young. he is still with us. he is strong and will come through this. >> reporter: blood drives will be continuing in the bay area throughout the week including special labor day hours at four blood centers in the east bay. in santa clara, len ramirez, cbs 5. first the mysterious leaking pipes. you know what some neighbors think may be a cover-up. >> i recently contacted the water department and said, do you have a copy of the study? >> why neighbors think muni is responsible for some big repair bills and why the city is not releasing a confidential study on the problem. it would be bad news for anyone who relies on the bus. passengers about to learn if a.c. transit will all but eliminate weekend service. and on the night of their
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cuts. is proposing slashi a.c. transit is taking its first steps towards serious service cuts. the agency's proposing slashing weekend service by almost half, also dropping all overnight service except for two routes and shifting paratransit service to a private provider. a.c. transit is nearly $16 million in the red after losing a court fight to impose a cost-cutting contract on union drivers. the district presented the proposal to its board of directors this afternoon and the board is scheduled to vote on those cut in three weeks. it's a problem we have been following for three years now.
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and in the past week, it bubbled up again, water seeping on the pavement in san francisco's west portal neighborhood. people living here have long blamed muni's l line. although mine any has been talking about doing the right thin, don knapp reports that muni's own documents show what residence believe, that they are being stonewalled. >> reporter: a street with one of the busier light rail lines in san francisco and five-year history of mysterious water line ruptures flooded again. last week water came up from a pipe below the street. even without seeing the pipe, many residents here believe they know the cause. stray electrical current from heavily traveled muni light rail system. in this illustration, current slips out of the system through the earth. at least 30 home owners in neighborhoods along tracks on taraval, 15th and u loa replaced leaking pitted water pipes they claim were corroded
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by stray current electrolysis but the city of san francisco denies responsibility. >> there was an investigation a few years ago. the data didn't indicate that the mta was involved. it was inconclusive. >> reporter: besides that, says the muni spokesman, the findings were confidential and he claims there was never a written report. after numerous residents complained of spending thousands on pipe repairs, the city mailed out 200 notices suggesting the problems were those of the home owners and put the blame for pipe failure on home owner electrical service panels and soil salinity. >> i recently contacted the water department and said do you have a copy of the study? i want to see the findings. >> reporter: robert met with muni representatives who came to his home in june. he says he repaired his pipes twice at a cost of $5,600. the first time in 2005, and then again in 2009. he doubts his household electricity and soil salinity are the problem. >> well, if that's the case,
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the whole city should be experiencing failure because we're all in similar soil. if it's an electrical box, we should all be having these problems. >> reporter: his latest request to the city for the unwritten confidential study he thinks may reveal muni's light rail involvement in pipe erosion was turned down flat. muni claims attorney/client privilege saying disclosing the documents would impede muni's ability to receive legal advice from the city attorney. one resident wonders if muni is consulting the city attorney to keep its study buttoned up. our calls to the city attorney were answered with a referral to muni. last week, muni's spokesman paul rose made the closest statement yet to acknowledging that muni's light rail is the cause of the problem. >> but, you know, even though the i am peercle data did not show that we were directly involved, we acknowledge we may be a cause as far as stray current in the residents and we want to make sure we are doing the right thing and being
6:17 pm
helpful. >> reporter: despite the promise to do the right thing and work with neighbors who have paid sometimes twice to replace their water pipes, nothing has been done. five years after the water leaks first surfaced no one we talked to or knows anyone who has received any payment from muni for pipe replacement blamed on stray current electrolysis. >> very expensive frustrating problem. >> very frustrating because it's going on a lot and as you said, people may not know that they are having the same problem. they are just paying up. >> yeah. that's it. i mean, when you walk down that street, you see the patchwork quilt of cement that has been replaced. but there may be other parts of the city where they just do it on their own. >> reporter: that may be one of the concerns of muni if they acknowledge this maybe they will have to pay for a lot of pipes. >> opens the. >> reporter: all right. keep us posted, done. >> thank you. let's check with roberta the latest on this little heat wave we got going. >> i got an idea here. how about you and me we head over to at&t park where currently it's 80 degrees. >> wow! >> and tim lincecum is on the
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mound for the good guys. game just beginning with the colorado rockies. this is at&t park. nothing but sunshine today in the city by the bay. the city of san francisco a high of 84. that's up from the average high of 70 degrees. here's ocean beach and yes, the coast is clear. in fact, tonight, what a fabulous sunset. officially at 7:38 you are going to be able to see it. we are experiencing temperatures at this hour in the 90s inland. clouds diverting to the north of us banking off a huge ridge of high pressure that is en compassion the bay area and keeping the air pretty stagnant so therefore, two days in a row now it's going to be a "spare the air" day for your thursday. now, tonight overnight temperature-wise 50s and 60s kick off that extra blanket. tomorrow, this is what bears watching. the winds will be out of the northwest but once this begins to kickback onshore out of the west, some of the temperatures next to the coast and the bay will come down. so down from 84 to 80 in san francisco but up to 100 in
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concord from 97 degrees. looking towards your labor day, it looks like we will begin to cool down from the mid-60s to the mid-80s. we are going to talk more about this labor day forecast in earnest that's still straight ahead but how about a look at your extended forecast. it looks like tomorrow will be the hottest day of the workweek and then that marine layer should come in along the coast by thursday night into friday morning. so let's go ahead and take a look ahead and it looks like we'll see temperatures taking a nosedive every day until we see below average temperatures by tuesday and wednesday of next week. that is, allen, the pinpoint forecast. >> all right, roberta. we'll see you in a few minutes, too. a massive surprise donation for bay area teachers. new stuff from apple. and marijuana advertised on tv. that's all in two minutes. ,,,,
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teachers in our cash-strapped state, a million dollars donation has filled the wish list of thousands of california teachers. is a site where teachers post classroom needs and individuals fund them. the donors choose founder says she got a call this week from the san francisco-bas fund to cover the wish list. the answer $1.3 million. one day later the check arrived and more than 2200 projects were funded ranging from pencil sharpeners to laptops. it's the first television ad of its kind and it's about to start airing across northern california. >> i get muscle spasms. >> i was hit by a drunk driver. >> it's a tv commercial for medical marijuana, lot word marijuana is never used.
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the ad is for cannacare, a facility that provides patients with information, advice and service to obtain legal access to medical marijuana. the owners say the ad is to let people know more about their medical options from 99-cent songs to 99- cent tv shows, apple unveiled some new ideas in san francisco this morning. cnet's molly wood on how the tech giant is fine-tuning some of its best selling products. >> reporter: steve jobs announced a line-up and new version of apple tv wednesday in san francisco. the biggest news was the revamp of apple tv. >> we are introducing the second generation of apple tv today and this what it looks like. >> reporter: the new version of apple tv includes a movie and tv rental service. you no longer buy digital movies or television shows, you rent them for prices starting at 99 cents. they also revamped its category killing line of ipod music players, new shuffles, a redesigned touchscreen nano, and a thinner ipod touch with a
6:24 pm
front facing camera and that new high definition retina display. a new version of itunes includes anew music-based social network. you can share music with friends and keep traffic your favorite artists. >> i was a little disappointed that we didn't see more web- based innovations from apple as far as getting more itunes content out of the software and on the web. >> reporter: no surprising announcements from apple today. but the company is hoping its ipods are winners this holiday season and getting serious about tv and movies over the internet. for cbs news, i'm motley wood in san francisco. in one of america's bluest states, a very tough race for democratic senators. just how much trouble does barbara boxer find herself in as she prepares to debate carly fiorina? >> state lawmakers want to change the way all california parents get their kids ready
6:25 pm
for kindergarten but is it good for the children or the state's bottom line? >> we are 17,100-plus 2900 square feet of terrace, floor, a -- for a grand living space of 20,000. >> yeah, it's a deck alone that covers almost 3,000 square feet. would you like to take a little guess at the san francisco condo's price tag? ,,,,,,,,,,
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given us the "hindenboxer" ad. tell us all how to live our lives. why our hard earned money should go to her. she quit working for us and worked only for herself. >> it's the campaign that's already given ups the hind en boxer ad. tonight carly fiorina and barbara boxer will face off in their first debate. and it has the potential to be a game changer in a very tight race. phil matier in moraga where the debate starts in a half hour. >> reporter: that's right. candidates are getting their last-minute prep before they go head to head toe to toe and hopefully try to make some news with each other in what's becoming an incredibly tight race. and interestingly enough, it's not just this race but all up and down are tight race between
6:29 pm
democrats and republicans in a state that is bluer than blue. just take a look at the numbers. take a look at the numbers. statewide, democrats have a 14- point edge over republicans. so why is the u.s. senate race between barbara boxer and carly fiorina neck and neck? and the governor's race between republican meg whitman and democrat jerry brown a nail biter? >> there are different tact force with each race. >> reporter: for democrat boxer the challenge is three forces, one a down economy. >> you don't want to be an incumbent when we're in hard economic times. >> reporter: two a nationwide anti-incumbent mood among voters. >> voters now are taking a much more critical view of boxer than they have ever done before. >> reporter: and three, a growing number of independent voters no longer bound by party ties. >> i look at each person individually. >> it's the person and how i judge their intelligence, their
6:30 pm
articulateness. >> candidate by candidate. >> reporter: and while democrat boxer may be more in san francisco. in sync insomee issues, jerry brown has a different problem, money with republican meg whitman spending $20 million on tv this summer so far, most of it attack brown. >> i think he is relying on people's sort of familiarity with him and i think he will show energy over the next two months. >> reporter: as for the other key races? gavin newsom for lieutenant governor and kamala harris for attorney general, the problem there appears to be the candidates themselves. >> for example, lieutenant governor, attorney general, the democrats have candidates who have a negative image rating among most california voters whereas the republicans just largely not very well known, but among those who know them, they are viewed more positively than negatively. >> reporter: an as a result, most of these races are going to be decided by the state's
6:31 pm
third party, the fastest growing party, the party that has no name, the "decline to state" who are tired of both parties and sitting in the middle waiting to see what the candidates do. >> the ones on the fence. is it the debate and this one only goes for an hour, is it a debate that changes voters mind or is it the sound bites that come out of it the next day in the ads that follow up? >> reporter: it's the sound bites and ads that follow up. this is the game. it's the replays and how often it goes over and over that actually gets into voters' minds. and that's what they are looking for tonight. footage for the food fight to follow. >> it's going to be interesting, too and messy. >> thank you, phil matier in moraga. there is a bill signature on the governor's desk tonight that would delay kindergarten for thousands of california children. checkey beckford reports that supporters say that the move would save the state millions. >> how old are you? >> 5. >> reporter: if a bill passed by the legislature is approved only kids turning her age by september 1 would be allowed to
6:32 pm
enter kindergarten. >> i think it's a really good idea. >> reporter: the measure which would move the cutoff date from september to december is applauded by those at the head of the class. >> more often the kids who come in who are a little bit younger get tired more easily, still developing fine motor skills. >> reporter: lawmakers who back the bill say right now a quarter of the state's kids start kindergarten before they're five. they argue cutting back could lower class sizes and save the cash-strapped state more than $700 million. >> you want to go to kindergarten? >> reporter: for some parents leaves them picking up the tab. >> it's like $820 a month for her. >> reporter: her daughter will start kindergarten before the bill could become law. but she worries about other parents who will end up being squeezed. >> imagine for a family that's thinking, my 4-year-old who has a late birthday, they are ready to go to kindergarten, and then you find out you're doing another year $10,000 worth of daycare expenses. >> reporter: as of 3:00 today
6:33 pm
the governor's office said they had not received the bill. so the one-time kindergarten cop says he will not make a comment on the issue until he has had time to review it. in sacramento, checkey beckford, cbs 5. sure, plenty of people hate them, but do you know how to read one? >> one of the first things you'll see is a series of 8s. >> spooky radiowave controversy aside, a tutorial on how to read your new smartmeter. >> and whoever buys this place probably isn't too worried about checking any kind of meter. we are going to walk you through the single most expensive condo now on the market on the entire west coast. a few star 49ers had a heated exchange in practice today. i'm dennis o'donnell. and cal's darien hagen inspirational story. ,,,,,,,,
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[ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller
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found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results apartments in america sits high above san francisco. so, is it worth the it's no surprise one of the
6:36 pm
most ten expensive apartments in america is in san francisco. is it worth the money? joe vazquez gives us a tour. >> sunrise, sunset, you will see we have views in all directions. reporter: it is san francisco's most expensive housing property on the market. the penthouse condo on the 40th floor of the st. regis took four years to build and look what you get for $49 million. >> it's hard not to have a jaw- dropping experience in this room. >> reporter: this room is a spectacular living room. look at this. a two-story waterfall. vistas of much of the bay area. . >> one of the great features of the apartment is off site of this magnificent living room you have this incredible terrace which is over 2,000 square feet with high walls that protect you from the elements in san francisco. we are 17,100 plus 2900 square feet of terrace for a grand living space of 20,000. >> reporter:
6:37 pm
reports the six bedroom seven bath st. regis penthouse is number five on the list of the most expensive apartments, condos or co-ops in america. the other nine of the top 10 are all in new york city. in san francisco, the second most expensive housing property for sale is this $45 million mansion at the end of billionaire's row on broadway. but take another look at the st. regis condo. the major difference here, it is brand-new. >> this is her closet. a beautiful large collection for shoes, bags, dresses. >> reporter: greg lynn of sotheby's international says in fact the penthouse is the most expensive freshly built apartment on earth. the crown jewel, check out the master bath. >> the master bathroom was designed to be one of the most luxurious spots on earth. you will notice the double book matched marble that was hand selected by the owner's designers in italy and extends into the double showers here that have rain showers above. >> reporter: lynn says he
6:38 pm
can't name names but sports stars and world leaders are among the prospective buyers. >> some of the leading buyers taking interest are coming from china. but there's also a number of bay area families that are looking at this as well. >> reporter: joe vazquez, cbs 5. plenty of protests and complaints about pg&e's new smartmeter. some customers say their bills are skyrocket. john in daly city wants to know how do i read my smartmeter? ken bastida with tonight's "good question." >> reporter: like some six million of you out there, pg&e installed a smartmeter at my house last year, too, one for gas and one for electric. the utility company says that you can track your power usage using the new meter. but i don't even know how to read it. >> one of the first things you'll see is a series of 8s. that means that the meter is working properly. >> reporter: pg&e's rep came over to show me how this thing works. >> it will scroll through to
6:39 pm
the next number on top and here it's 13,410. that's the number of kilowatt hours that you have used at your home since the meter was installed. >> reporter: the next set of numbers shows how much voltage is going into my house. >> usually about 240 for most residences. right now 237 volts, that's the electricity potential. >> reporter: that's all well and good but it's the next set of numbers that are important. those are the ones that you can control. the kilowatts that you're using at that moment. >> that's the kilowatt hour reading. so right now that's what you're using in your house. that's the number of kilowatts. >> 635? >> 635. >> is that high or low, matt? >> that's a pretty low reading right now. >> reporter: turns out the smartmeter is surprisingly sensitive. watch what happens. watch the kilowatts spike when i fire up my saw. [ saw on ] >> reporter: turned it on it goes up. turn it off it goes down. you can also track all of this
6:40 pm
online in realtime from your computer, i need your good questions. send them to me at coming up, advice from the very young at heart. >> but when you get up in front of the mic, you're not 88. you're 20. >> what this san francisco woman does to share that attitude with the rest of the city. hey, roberta. it was 94 degrees today in downtown san jose. take a good look at it right now because that's what 90 degrees looks like. the day it's going to cool across the santa clara valley and in your neighborhood as eyewitness news continues. we'll be right back. ,,
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senior center for ne ntury says it al an 88 yearly woman of who has been volunteering at a san francisco senior center for nearly a quarter century says it all started with a pair of pants. sharon chin met this week's jefferson award winner at that center. when you come here, you're family reporter: 88-year-old
6:44 pm
frances burns is a walking advertisement for the 30th street senior center. >> be involved in a lot of things here and it's a happy place. it's so good to be part of something like this. >> reporter: the retired secretary came to the san francisco center to get some pants hemmed 23 years ago and ended up a full-time volunteer. >> they short end my slacks and then when i went to register, the lady who registered me said what took you so long? why didn't you come when you were 60? why did you wait until you were 65? [ laughter ] >> so i thought, oh, they're nice and caring. >> reporter: frances manages the front desk, serves on the board of directors and storms city hall to protect program funding. she helped launch a senior resource center and started a dance class. >> we were doing fairly well until i blew my kneecap so then i couldn't do it anymore. >> reporter: over the years she made more than 90 donations to the center and as a participant
6:45 pm
has tried all 50 activities offered, even quilting. >> what started out to be a quilt ended up being a placemat and then i gave it to somebody else to finish. >> reporter: and even when she is not at the senior center, she still has to talk about it. >> i think so highly of this center and other centers that whenever i'm in a social group, i can't resist, i have to do a sales pitch. >> reporter: director valley villela has seen it. >> she walks in the store and says, hello, have you heard about the 30th street senior center? it happens to be in your neighborhood and you ought to be involved. and let me tell you what we do. >> reporter: she calls her a role model. >> some people think i have given my x number of years of my life, it's time to glide and slide. frances says no, you have to stay engaged. >> when you get up in front of the mic, you're not 8.
6:46 pm
you're20. >> and making the moments count. >> and when you leave me ♪ you know it's gonna grieve me ♪ you're gonna miss your red-hot mama ♪ one of these days... >> reporter: for her energetic volunteer work at on lok30th street senior center, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to frances burns. sharon chin, cbs 5. frances, you don't look 56 today! you're doing great. and as you her, dozens of activities and service at the 30th street center. and to get connected, use the link on >> we'll all have a hard time keeping o frances. >> i went to lake del valle and even though it felt summery it's starting to look like summer. the water temperature dropped 5
6:47 pm
degrees from 74 to 69. boy, what a month of august we had. we had only four days in which we had at or above average heat. there are the days. otherwise we were averaging 4 degrees below normal from san francisco to san jose. vac will where today's high temperature topped off in the 90s, lots of clear skies there. otherwise let look at ocean beach, today's high at 80 degrees. we have a northwest breeze at 14 miles per hour. what you can bank on if you're heading on out on this evening hours, our temperature still in the 90s inland. 80s bayside. right around the 70s at the coast where the coast is clear. these clouds divert off a ridge of high pressure that is just building and strengthening. and it will cause temperatures to go up in our inland areas tomorrow. also it's placing a cap on things so stagnant air the second day in a row "spare the air." pinpoint forecast, i got to
6:48 pm
tell you, tomorrow's forecast is really tricky for the beaches and the bay because of this right here. here you have it tomorrow night by the evening commute. and it does suggest that the low clouds and the patchy fog the marine layer will begin to penetrate the land mass here. and it will continue to play tag with the coast in the north bay. so bring down those temperatures ever so gently at the beaches and the bay. overnight 50s and 60s, mild. tomorrow's highs down again around the beaches, 68 half moon bay. 95 in san jose after a high today of 94 degrees. which is still a good 11 degrees above average. east of the bay some of the warmest numbers from 79 in richmond to 101 in brentwood. it was 97 degrees today in concord, going up to 100 degrees. north of the golden gate bridge, low 70s at the beaches, really nice at stinson beach until that marine layer penetrates the beaches.
6:49 pm
88 degrees in petaluma to 97 degrees in sonoma. oh, by the way, it kind of does feel like the dog days of summer. so says lee from mendocino county. keep the photos coming to mypix at your cbs 5-day forecast there you have it from the coast to the bay to the inland areas, year stratus-free until overnight thursday into your friday. and then looking ahead towards the memorial day holiday and beyond, we'll temperatures returning to seasonal levels. that's the pinpoint forecast. >> thank you. another proposal that could save millions , a.c. transit wants to cut half of its weekend service. the move would save $15 million and leave thousands of riders with no way to get around. their thoughts on the plan tonight on eyewitness news at 10:00 on the cw and 11:00 on c5. a tennis player collapses at the u.s. open. and the sharks snag a stanley
6:50 pm
cup champion goaltender next. , ,,,, and save up to $500 on selected mattress sets. even get 3 years interest free financing on tempur-pedic. only through labor day ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep. ♪
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team has made the playoffs 11 ti good percentage in 134 years as president of the san jose sharks, greg
6:53 pm
jamison's team has made the play-offs 11 times. pretty good percentage. and a good one to go out on. jamison said today he is stepping down. >> it's a time for me to step away and think about doing other things. i look forward to slowing down and watching sharks hockey. i look forward to the success i believe we'll have this year. >> the gm didn't bring back nabokov, but today they signed the goalie that shut him out in the westerns conference finals this year. he agreed to a one-year deal worth $2 million. diemmy fresh often a stanley cup victory with the chicago blackhawks. as i arrived at 49er practice, two players why arguing. eventually mike singletary walked both into the locker room. >> vernon and crabtree just to let you know i will not talk
6:54 pm
about the issue. but i will talk about this. they were both wrong. and we will not have distractions on this team. vernon just forgot temporarily that that is not allowed.we don't treat family like that. we don't disrespect each other. and i just needed to remind him that that's not who we are. >> 9ers and chargers tomorrow night on cbs 5. root now, at at&t park, tim lincecum right now a struggling star in game three between the giants and rockies. good news for giants fans. the padres continue to melt down. taking on the d-backs in arizona, allen smacked a grand slam to right sending the padres to their 7th straight loss. so the giant are only 3.5 right now as we speak 3.5 back.
6:55 pm
mark teixeira says not so fast. single to left scores two runs. can i have a live update, please? live update? 4-3 as are pulling from within. they are down 4-3. ninth inning, scary moment at the u.s. open today, tenth received victoria azarenka collapsed during her match. it was about 100 on the court but tournament official don't believe it was a result of heat. she had headache-like symptoms and hit the deck. she was taken off in a wheelchair to a hospital where tests showed she had a concussion. azarenka revealed she fell in the gym while warming up before the match and banging her head and forearm in the gym. cal cornerback darien hagen kept a secret from the world during last year's football season. he had good reason to do so. >> i lost focus and, you know, fell behind in everything. >> reporter: that's how it went last year for the cal cornerback, whose 1-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in may of 2009. >> i would just go home and think about my daughter and
6:56 pm
wouldn't get my work done and things like, that and more i just all the way fell behind. and over that year, it was -- it was so much going on. thinking about her every day. she was battling death. >> the second time they beat darian hagen on a double move. >> reporter: on the field it wasn't better. he lost his job three days into the season. >> hagen not expected... >> i tried but some days i would still come out and started off okay. and then just kind of started lingering off again just thinking about it and i would end up doing bad or something. so it was real hard. >> reporter: but now hagen is in a better place. in december he got the news that his daughter was cancer- free. >> i spent a lot of time over the break with her. i would be doing pushups and things like that and she would come in the room and start doing pushups with me, too.
6:57 pm
that was motivating for me to get back up here. >> reporter: he now has his focus back and has regain his starting job and he got his first "a" over the summer. >> just gave darian a new start. been pleased again with his growth and development as a player and as a person. >> i think i have become a lot more mature to understanding that, you know, the academic aspect of the whole college experience is the most important, you know, football is secondary. so i try to approach it that way now. >> sometimes we forget that athlete have personal problems too that they are all on the field trying to concentrate on something that really lacks important compared to something else happening in their lives. >> weight of of the world lifted off his shoulders. >> cal and uc-davis this weekend. >> see you at 10:00 and 11:00. dentures are softer than teeth.
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and a lot of people, when they get a denture, they think the best way to clean it is by brushing it with toothpaste. toothpaste contains abrasives that scratch dentures, leaving microscopic crevices where bacteria can grow, and bacteria can cause bad breath. the best way to go is to soak them in polident. only polident is proven to clean without scratching and kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria. i recommend using polident and soak every day. it's the right way to go.
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